Advocacy & Policy Core Values

The SUD Federation promotes quality and cooperation throughout NC’s
recovery oriented system of care through advocacy, education, and support, across prevention,
treatment, and recovery.

  1. Advocate for Increased funding for prevention, screening, and early intervention programs; support public health policies that restrict youth access to alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.
  2. Support any efforts to increase people’s access to harm reduction resources.
  3. Advocate for equitable and immediate access to a menu of adequate and appropriate substance use disorder treatment services.
  4. Advocate for increased funding for robust community-based recovery support services for individuals and families.
  5. Support legislation that increases opportunities for people in recovery from substance use disorder to live full lives.





Committee Members: Karen Chapple, Donald McDonald, Tad Clodfelter, Kathleen Lowe, Robin Huffman, Deeanna Hale-Holland, Dale Willetts.

Last Updated 5.10.2018